Family Medicine

Family Medicine


Successful Family Medical Care takes more than skill and knowledge. It takes a caring attitude with leadership by experienced family care doctors who emphasize personalized treatment.


You'll find lots of smiles and answers at Magnolia Medical Group. Our Family Care physicians and staff are here to provide quality primary care treatment to every member of the family. From cuts and bruises to colds, coughs and fevers; from shots, vaccinations and inoculations to fractures and disease treatment and control; from sports or household chore injuries to stings, bites and burns; we treat all family health care needs with a professional yet warm, personal demeanor.


At Magnolia Medical Group our primary goal is to "make everything right" and make the hurt go away.


Caring for your day-to-day health is a special calling. From Dr. Galiano throughout our team you will see a sincere desire to relieve your concerns. Our commitment to compassionate, comprehensive care will provide you with a comfort and confidence you will find satisfying.


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